At AGS, we are immensely grateful for the dedication, time and expertise of our Volunteers.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope and compassion in our community.

As the year comes to a close, we would like to remind our dedicated Guardians of three important tasks that require your attention. These essential components ensure the continuity of our services and the well-being of the individuals under your guardianship. As part of your responsibilities, please remember to complete the Guardian Annual Report, obtain a Statement of Expert Evaluation from the supervising physician, and develop an Annual Plan. Your commitment to fulfilling these requirements plays a crucial role in upholding the highest standards of care and advocacy for those who rely on your guidance and support.

For your convenience, links to fillable PDF versions of each part of this report along with a short description are noted on this page. The forms are also available on the Probate Court website:

1. Guardian's Annual Report 

This tells the court how the ward is doing, where the ward is residing, any changes in the ward's circumstances and any changes in the ward's circumstances and your contact with the ward.

Download Guardian's Annual Report

3. Annual Plan for Guardianship 

Informs the Court where the ward will be living and of any planned care changes.

Download Annual Plan for Guardianship

2. Statement of Expert Evaluation 

This form must be completed by a Licensed Physician, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Independent Social Worker, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor or a Mental Retardation Team (the ward's DD service provider team). It must be less than 90 days old.

Download Statement of Expert Evaluation

Note that the forms may take advance planning to get completed. We suggest that you contact the social worker at your ward's placement facility and send him/her the form with a request that it be completed 90 to 45 days from the date your annual report is due.