At Adult Guardianship Services (AGS), we understand that being a guardian is a significant responsibility that requires your availability and commitment. Many individuals discover that being a Guardian seamlessly fits into their busy lifestyle, offering a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

To embark on this meaningful journey, the first step is to submit your application and successfully pass the required background check. Once approved, you will be enrolled in a comprehensive guardian on-line training course. This training is essential and mandated by the Supreme Court of Ohio to equip all guardians with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their role effectively. The training typically takes approximately 6 hours and can be conveniently completed on-line to accommodate your availability.

Upon completing the guardian training, you will be assigned a case by Adult Guardianship Services. As a guardian, you will undertake various responsibilities to ensure the well-being and protection of your ward.

These include:

  • Appointment Hearing with Summit County Probate Court-typically virtual: You will attend an appointment hearing at the esteemed Summit County Probate Court. This hearing formalizes your role as a guardian and marks the beginning of your dedicated service.
  • Regular Ward Visits: To establish a meaningful connection and provide support, you will visit your ward at least four times a year on a quarterly basis. These visits allow you to assess their well-being and address any specific needs or concerns.
  • Monthly Case Contact: Maintaining regular communication is crucial in fulfilling your role as a guardian. You will make a minimum of one case contact per month, either through phone calls or in-person meetings. This contact ensures ongoing support and keeps you connected to your ward's evolving circumstances.
  • Quarterly Care Conferences: Participating in quarterly care conferences is an integral part of advocating for your ward's well-being. These conferences, held at the ward's facility, provide an opportunity to collaborate with healthcare professionals and discuss the ward's care plan, ensuring their needs are being met effectively.
  • Annual Report Submission: As required by the Probate Court, you will submit an annual report on the status of your ward. This report highlights the progress, challenges, and overall well-being of your ward, providing important insights to the court.

Embracing the role of a guardian offers a unique opportunity to make a positive impact while accommodating your busy lifestyle. At AGS, we provide the necessary training, support, and guidance to help you fulfill your responsibilities with confidence and compassion. Together, we can ensure the well-being and protection of those entrusted to our care.

To take the next step or learn more about the program requirements, please contact our team at

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of dedicated guardians, committed to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals.